Thursday, December 06, 2012

Lemon Juice, one of three men charged with photographing alleged molestation vic on the stand, says he’s being squeezed 

Lemon Juice feels he's getting squeezed.

The strangely-named Hasidic Jew — who was charged alongside two others for taking pictures during the explosive sex abuse trial of Hasidic counselor Nechemya Weberman — said he supports the girl who says her former spiritual adviser sexually abused her for three years.

Juice made his first post-arraignment court appearance Wednesday with Joseph Fried and Jonah Weissman. The three men are charged with criminal contempt for taking pictures of the now-18-year-old victim, prosecutors said.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph DiBenedetto said the men took the snaps "to intimidate the witness, who was ostracized in her community" for pursuing a case against Weberman.

But Fried's lawyer Emily Kane said the allegations are "completely without merit."

Juice, who changed his name from Joel Weingarten about six years ago as a tribute to his citrusy blond beard, also disputed the prosecutor's allegation, saying he actually backs the teenager against Weberman.

"Yes, absolutely," said Juice, 30.

In an unrelated, but equally bizarre, revelation, Juice intends to pass on his strange moniker to the next generation, according to Chaim Steiner, 30, who works with him in a Williamsburg bakery.

"He said he wants all of his kids to have different kind of vegetable and fruit names," Steiner said. "Orange, cranberry, apple..."


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