Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jewish Youth Brutally Beaten by Cops Sues Police 

Ehud Halevy, the 21 year old Jewish man whose assault at the hands of NYPD officers was caught on camera, filed a civil rights lawsuit against the policemen responsible for the attack.

Halevy has accused officer Luis Vega and officer Yelena Bruzzese of attacking him in a Jewish youth center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He was charged with a felony count of assault and three misdemeanors: resisting arrest, obstruction, and criminal trespass.

The charges were later dropped after the center confirmed that Halevy had permission to stay there. A petition to drop the charges at change.org received over 100,000 signatures.

Norman Siegel, Halevy's attorney, says that his client is receiving counseling for pain and trauma suffered from the incident. "For all the New Yorkers who saw the video, when you see it, you want to put your hands over your eyes because very rarely do you see this kind of stark video of police brutality," Siegel said.


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