Thursday, March 28, 2013

David Leon starts shooting on feature Orthodox 

Zeitgeist Films' Orthodox starts shooting next week in and around Newcastle.

The feature, directed by David Leon, is the result of a successful shot film produced last year. Around 70 per cent of footage from the original short film will feature in the finished film.

Orthodox tells the story of Benjamin, an Orthodox Jew with boxing connections. Having lost touch with his Jewish routes, he struggles to reintegrate with the Jewish community.

“The world that these characters inhabit is so rich it’s always seemed like a natural canvas for a film," says Leon. "Benjamin is a man caught between two worlds, the Orthodox Jewish community and mainstream life, yet the challenges he faces are much like those that we all have to confront. Through the decisions he makes he becomes an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances.”

The film stars Stephen Graham (This is England, Boardwalk Empire), who is also executive producer. Other cast members are Michael Smiley (Kill List), Christopher Fairbank (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Giacomi Mancini (Top Boy).

Orthodox is produced by Daisy Allsop, with executive producers Gareth Wiley and Stephen Graham.

The team is also planning a further film, Driven, to be shot in the region early next year.


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