Sunday, April 14, 2013

First Ultra-Orthodox Sex-Segregated Playground Opens 

The reportedly first sex-segregated public playground in the country has been opened in Kiryas Joel, the ultra-Orthodox enclave in Monroe, NY.

According to YourJewishNews.com, Kiryas Joel’s Satmar Hasidic community has built on 283 acres on the city’s outskirts a playground that completely separates boys from girls. More accurately, the space is divided into four areas: one for fathers with their sons; one for mothers with their daughters; one for boys, and one for girls. The sections are located a considerable distance apart from one another. There are also separate walking trails for males and females.

Kiryas Joel Mayor Rabbi Abraham Wieder approved special funding for the playground, and the Committee of Modesty of Kiryas Joel, overseen by the Grand Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum, is strictly supervising its operation.

“It was time, that the city which was founded according to the regulations and directives of Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, have a park which is fully sex segregated, according the strict laws of true Torah Jews,” a Satmar community activist reportedly said.

According to YourJewishNews.com, non-Jews and non-Haredi Jews will not be permitted to enter the playground.

“It is unclear if any U.S. government funds were used for the project. U.S. or New York State funds cannot be used to build a facility that discriminates based on gender,” the report concluded.


I thank Hashem that I don't live in this community. What in the world is wrong having small children playing together or at least seeing another at play? What about all the brothers and sisters who whath over small children? Such Takonos always have rude awakenings in later years.


I agree with Anonymous. What does a mother with little boys do? And, worse still, what if she has little boys & girls?


Wen these kids grow up, they'll have major marriage problems cuz they've been isolated from the opposite gender from birth. Can't wait to see things unfold.


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