Monday, April 08, 2013

Jump in anti-Semitic incidents linked to euro crisis 

According to the research, released on Sunday to coincide with Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day, there were 686 recorded attacks or acts of violence against Jewish individuals, sites or property last year, up from 526 the year before. The 30 percent climb follows a decline over the past two years.

A majority of the attacks, 200, happened in France - which researchers said was a result of "copycat" attacks following the Toulouse school shooting in March 2012, in which a Muslim extremist gunman killed three children and a rabbi. It said physical assaults on Jews in France have almost doubled.
The report was conducted by the Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, an umbrella group of Jewish communities in Europe.

The researchers said they were able to demonstrate a direct correlation between the anti-Semitic incidents, as well as those on other minorities, with a rise in the popularity of extreme-right wing parties in some European countries.

This association, the researchers said, could be linked to the ongoing eurozone crisis - which has seen growing support for parties like Jobbik in Hungary, Golden Dawn in Greece and Svoboda in Ukraine.

There was also a spark in incidents following Israel's military attack on Gaza last November, according to the findings.


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