Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yiddish in court evidence 

A judge of the NSW Supreme Court has rejected a ruling by the Sydney Beth Din that ordered Benjamin Amzalak to pay an Israeli businessman more than $300,000 for the apparent sale of shares in a company.

In an 80-page ruling on Monday, Justice Monika Schmidt ruled in favour of Amzalak, a director of Raffles Capital Ltd, and ordered costs be made in his favour.

In 2010 Amzalak was ordered by the Beth Din Jewish to pay more than $300,000 for the sale of shares to Israeli Shlomo Thaler.

But he refused to adhere to the order and did not make the payments.

As a result, the Jewish court issued a siruv against Amzalak, effectively excommunicating him from the community. "One should expel his children from school and his wife from synagogue," the excommunication order stated.

But Amzalak complained the Jewish judges were biased.

Judge Schmidt agreed, concluding that the "arbitration was not conducted impartially."

She said "it cannot be doubted" that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Kaminetsky, one of the dayanim, was "partial to Thaler and acted in pursuit of that partiality at the Beth Din".

Her withering judgment included a transcript of a private conversation in Yiddish among the rabbinic judges, during which Sydney's Rabbi Yoram Ulman was recorded saying: "I am already persuaded [but] so that we do not give the appearance of impropriety let us give him [Amzalak] some time to answer."


עולם התורה בסכנה גדולה מאוד.

בקהילת לב (לא) טהור-הלבראנס ימ"ש, מביאים ממזרים לעולם, ויש לבדוק היטב ע"פ בית דין כשרים אם מותרים לבא בקהל ישראל.

הוא ובנו נחמן הרשה הגדול פשוט שליחי נאמים.. של הסטרא אחרא! אין להם שליטה על זה, הם יכולים להמשיך לחייך בדרך הטמא הזה רק עוד קצת, ואולי זה תפקידם בעולם הזה לחייך בדרך לגיהנום חם "מצואה רותחת" במקרה הכי הטוב , או יותר נכון לכף הקלע לנצח נצחים........


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