Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shame on Shomer Shabbos for letting convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner roam freely and molest children in shul 

Shame on Shomer Shabbos shul for allowing this known convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner who has hurt hundreds or even thousands of Yiddishe kinder to roam freely in their shul and continue to molest daily.

Shame on the Rav of Shomer Shabbos Rabbi Tirnauer who is refusing to stop this piece of dirt and is turning a deaf ear to the people who have begged him to throw Brauner out of the shul. Under his father Rabbi Y Tirnauer after much pleading Brauner was not allowed into the shul. But now that he is no longer with us Brauner has gotten back his guts to prowl again. Rabbi Tirnauer, follow what Satmar and many other shuls have done and save Yiddishe neshamas and get rid of this garbage from your shul.

This is not a joke! This man is a dangerous molester who will not stop! If you see him let him know that you know what he does and let Rabbi Tirnauer know that the people do not want this filth in their shul.

why just dont u call the police? Is there a complaint? I know he once bragged as as i have one hand i will molest children.btw were is bis first cousin nuchem rosenberg!!!is he protecting him?


זה מזכיר לי מהקיבוצניק של "לב לא טהור" כידוע ששלמה הלברנז ארז, בעל שיטה אפיקורסי!!!! גם מעורב במעשים מגונים עם גברים ונשים והוא אומר שיש לו גילוי אליהו, מצחיק מאד, שלמה הבהמה של לב לא טהור, גם אומר שהוא אדמו"ר אולי הוא האדמו"ר של כת משכב ז... רשע שותף עם הסיטרא אחרא


Nobody that has a Jewish Neshama who is connected to the Creator and His Holy Torah could do the things that they are viscously doing.

The Molsters will burn in Hell especially Nachman the son of the gangster Shlomo Hell Brans.

What a shame that the Rabonim world wide are watching them and still allowing them to do this to the kids who are helples. The kids are in danger can't someone go and rescue them? Pidyon Sevuim


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