Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shomer Shaboos shul in Boro-Park continues to allow convicted child molester to roam freely 

Shomer Shabbos shul in Boro-Park continues to allow this known convicted child molester Yechiel Baruner to roam freely in the shul to arrange minyanim and molest your children. This is a very dangerous man who has been removed from many shuls in Boro-Park yet he continues to molest children with no intention of stopping. He has himself said that the only way to stop him is to cut his hands off.

Let Rabbi Tirnauer know that you want this filth out of the shul.

Y is he not behind bars?
where are the police?


This peice of filth has molested and hurt thousands of kids.and he has gotten beatings from parents of the kids etc.just don't understand why the law hasn't caught up with him! To put him behind bars forever, probably his first cousin the self proclaimed child advocate. NUCHEM ROSENBEG Is protecting him.that's an outrage


You know, there is so much allegations of molestation in the orthodox community that I'm beginning to agree with the liberal Jews. They say, "It is just as rampant in orthodox circles as anywhere else, but it's hushed up.


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