Saturday, July 13, 2013

Protesters Want Charges Dropped Against Sexual Abuse Whistleblower 

Demonstrators rallied, calling on the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office to drop charges against a Hasidic man who became a whistleblower against sexual abuse.

Sam Kellner worked with the Brooklyn DAs office to put away Baruch Lebovits, who sexually abused his son, in 2010.

But then the tables turned on Kellner when the DAs office charged him with extorting witnesses to come forward.

Lebovits’ conviction was later overturned due to a technicality. Protesters like sexual abuse victim and advocate Chaim Levin said that the case is now falling apart.

“We have a predator out in the streets and an innocent man who did, frankly, more than my parents did when I came forward which was reported the crime and he is facing extortion charges that are completely unfounded,” Levin told WCBS 880′s Monica Miller. “Sam Kellner was one of the first people to blow the whistle and the tables turned on him and the same witness who got Lebovits convicted ended up getting Kellner indicted. And it’s been 28 months already and he still hasn’t faced trial and the case is falling apart.”

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind also asked that the charges against his Borough Park constituent be dropped. The Brooklyn DAs office has no comment.


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