Friday, October 04, 2013

Apple-Tossing Rebbe Video Goes Viral 

There is a very unusual, yet well known, tradition for certain sects of the Hasidic Jewish community that comes at the end of the Jewish holiday season - currently upon us - that involves gathering around the Rebbe of your congregation, and try to catch apples that he throws into the crowd.

As Tevye once asked, "where does this tradition come from?...I'll tell you. I don't know."

But nonetheless, these are our traditions, and we will follow them as we see fit. This year, someone took a video of this ritual, of the Sanz Klausenberg sect in Brooklyn's Borough Park, focusing on a rebbe with a very formidable pitching arm, and the frantic reactions of the community members around him who try to catch the apples he tosses.

The video has, naturally, since gone viral.


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