Saturday, November 23, 2013

‘Jewish Taliban’ Flee Quebec Due to Education Authorities 

A sect of orthodox Jews has recently made a serious decision, which led to coining of the phrase ‘Jewish Taliban’ for their strict interpretation of the faith. The group, including 40 families which make almost 200 people, left Quebec on Monday morning moonlight at around 1 p.m. in a convoy of buses fleeing their homes due to what they consider as imminent threat of Quebec’s child protection authorities.

The exodus of the Lev Tahor (“Pure Heart”) community was leading the group as they travelled west along Highway 401 to salvation in Chatham-Kent. Though it is not a promised land, majority families have lodged in two dozen rooms at the local Super 8 motel, considering the southwestern Ontario town of 108,000 as now home. The son of Shlomo Helbrans, the group’s leader and a self-proclaimed rabbi, Nacham Helbrans, informed reporters that they were forced out of Quebec due to conflicts with education authorities, which wanted to enforce their secular curriculum for teaching home-schooled children. Nacham Helbrans alleged that failure to obey their imposition would have led to children being placed in foster care, which many in the isolationist group could not afford.

Having been threatened for the same reason since the past last six months, the group considered moving to various provinces all over Canada until they finally decided to go for Ontario. The decision mainly relied on the provinces relative liberty for faith-based schooling, which has often attracted other religious communities in Quebec, including Mennonites.


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