Friday, February 07, 2014

Man pleads guilty to paintball attack on Hasidic Jew 

One man has pleaded guilty to the anti-Semitic paintball attack on a Hasidic Jew in a New York suburb.

Prosecutors say two alleged accomplices may have charges against them dismissed.

Shashi Ramsaroop pleaded guilty Thursday to assault and faces 60 days in county jail and two years' probation when he's sentenced April 1.

The Journal News says the case against his girlfriend, Lindsey Peaks, and Demetrius Latrell Torain ended with an adjournment contemplating dismissal.

All three were charged in the hate-crime attack for firing paintballs from a passing car in the Hasidic community of Kaser, N.Y.

The victim, Josef Margaretten, was hit twice in the abdomen.

Authorities say the three were driving through the community with the purpose of assaulting Jews.


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