Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pomona fire not reported because of Sabbath, firefighters say 

Firefighters responded to an automatic alarm at a home in Pomona on Saturday morning and learned that there had been a fire but no one called 911.

Officials said the mattress fire was not reported by phone because the home’s Orthodox Jewish occupants were observing the Sabbath. No one was injured.

Chris Kear, the public information officer for the Hillcrest Fire Department, said the fire at 16 Tara Drive started in a second-floor bedroom, where a man had used a pillow to dim a lamp for a child. The pillow and a mattress began smoldering. When the smoke increased the man took the mattress down the stairs and out of the house. The mattress caught fire along the way as it encountered new oxygen, Kear said.

“The situation could have been a lot worse,” Kear said.


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