Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lev Tahor children, parents seek refugee status in Guatemala 

The six Lev Tahor children and their parents still missing from Canada have made their way to the Guatemalan lakefront town of Panajachel, according to a local rabbi.

The group has also contacted an immigration lawyer and is trying to extend their stay in the country, the Star has learned.

The move is the latest development in an international effort to find the children from families in the controversial ultraorthodox Jewish sect and place them in foster care.

Child protection authorities in Ontario and Quebec are worried about the children after an investigation alleged physical abuse, underage marriage, forced medication and a substandard education regime.

In November, the sect fled their Quebec homes for Chatham, Ont., in advance of an order calling for the removal of 14 children and placement in foster care for 30 days.

An Ontario judge upheld that decision, ordering the removal of 13 children. One was 17 and not a child under Ontario law.

Last week Ontario Superior Court Justice Lynne Templeton issued an order to apprehend the children after it appeared 12 had been taken by adults in the sect to Trinidad and Tobago.

The group was detained on the island for a period on Saturday before three adults returned to Canada, along with six children who were intercepted by Children’s Services at the airport. Two others — a 17-year-old mother and her infant daughter were apprehended when they flew to Calgary.

The remaining six children and two parents made it to Guatemala.

Rabbi Shalom Pelman, leader of the local Chabad Lubovitch, a Jewish outreach organization in Guatemala City, said the group contacted an Israeli lawyer but said the lawyer was not likely to take the case.

Pelman said they told the lawyer they were staying by the lake.

Locals in Panajachel told a Star reporter they remember seeing a man dressed in the Hasidic style, common to Lev Tahor, approximately a week ago.

An official in the ministry of foreign affairs in Guatemala, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the group had applied for refugee status.

The ministry of immigration in Guatemala said it had no knowledge of the application but if one had been filed, they would not be able to discuss it because of confidentiality rules.


I don't understand why the entire Klall Yisroel is sitting back all relaxed watching this cult Lev Tahor and don't get together and condemn this huge Chilul Hashem caused by the monster that did two years in a USA Jail for kidnapping a young boy, who came to him for Bar Mitzvah lessons.

My point is that: Erez Shlomo HellBrans has been diagnosed as a cult leader, if that's the case, why don't we all get together and write or call the Canadian government and demand that his CULT is dismantled at once?

The poor children are being abused by the leaders and parents of the Lev Tahor Cult, who knows how this drama is going to be played out, in the end, we'll be sorry that we where quiet all this time, when we has a chance to do something to help the children.

If some one can provide an address and Tel Numbers so we can write and call the Cnidarian authorities it would be appreciated.

It's still not to late to get involved and save the lives of the pure Neshomos, small young children, that are being brainwashed and abused in many bad ways by Hellbrans and his helpers, who are making big $$$ on this cult.


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