Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monroe residents protest Kiryas Joel deal 

Dozens of Monroe residents turned out to oppose

Monday night's town board meeting in Monroe had residents voicing their concerns over a proposal to annex 507 acres of land to the village of Kiryas Joel.

The annexation would double the size of the Hasidic community, but Monroe residents at the meeting say the ramifications would be devastating. Residents say they're concerned the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District would lose funding for programs if land is annexed. Retirees at the hearing say they're on a limited income and are worried taxes would go up.

Also concerning residents are newly released figures that show Kiryas Joel has the third-highest number of people on social services in Orange County.

A decision has yet to be made on who will be the lead agency in the project. The lead agency will review the environmental impact of the proposed annexation. Monroe, Kiryas Joel and the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District have all made requests.


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