Saturday, April 26, 2014

Borough Park – Alleged Kidnapping Of Two Tourists On Shabbos Afternoon; Suspect Under Arrest 

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An apparent kidnapping of two 4-year-old kids on Shabbos afternoon in the heart of Borough Park, ended with an arrest of a woman after less than a 2 hour search. The kids were b”h found unharmed and were returned home safely.

According to sources in the BP Shomrim patrol, two 4-year-old kids – a boy and a girl – were announced missing at around 4:00 pm. The two – first cousins, one from Israel and one from Switzerland – were in the United States for the holiday of Passover, staying over at the home of their grandparents, sources told JP.

The Police and Shomrim immediately started searching the area. At around 5:00pm, a woman with the two kids by her side were found walking on 52nd street, between 15th and 16th avenue.

The suspect, speaking in Hebrew, was questioned by police, in which she claimed the kids were crying when she walked by their home on 51st street and out of good nature took them to the park. However, according to the family, the two were playing in the backyard of their grandparents home on 51st street.

The suspect was taken in to the 66th precinct where she is under arrest for alleged kidnapping. Charges are pending, a police source said.

The suspect is a 47-year-old woman. JP is withholding the name on request of the NYPD until charges are announced. She is expected to face a judge on Monday.


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