Friday, April 04, 2014

Shake that Jewmba! Zumba gets a kosher makeover so Hasidic women can finally join the fitness craze 

In another case, lyrics in a song about forming a menage-a-trois - 'We could menage-a-three-oh' - became 'We can make a friend in Rio.'

And in Ricki Martin's 'Livin' La Vida Loca' the verse 'She'll make you take your clothes off' now says 'she never drinks the water' in Mrs Adar's version.

There is no dress code at 'Jewmba' and most people choose to wear regular workout gear instead of their traditional conservative dress, as the studio is single-sex.

Many also let their hair down literally, by removing hats or wigs which are a required by Orthodox Jewish Law.

Mrs Adar, a mother-of-four, says the classes have helped bring 'insular' Hasidic women together.
'These women need an outlet and I have found them an outlet - dance. It is such a relief,' she exclaimed.
Indeed, one of Mrs Adar's students, Sara Ovitsh described 'Jewmba' as her 'therapy.'

'It is my one hour of running away from life, of escaping from my reality.' the mother-of-four continued.
'I either go to a psychiatrist or I go to Zumba.'

Another satisfied classmate, Nikky Admon, added: 'We lead very stressful lives and we don't have other outlets . . . There are no clubs.

'This is the only quote unquote “kosher” outlet women have.'

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink explains in an article for the Israeli news site, Haaretz that under Jewish laws, co-ed Zumba classes are 'out of the question' as women should not dance provocatively in front of men.
He notes that some Rabbits also believe women-only Zumba classes violate established rules.

They argue the music 'can damage one’s soul', the dance moves can 'harm one’s spirituality' and that this in turn will lead to 'actual sin.'

Mrs Adar says she's taken special care to edit music tracks and change dance poses to keep everyone happy. She is among dozens of fitness instructors now offering 'Jewmba'.


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