Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Staffer of Brooklyn landlord demands rent by parking his car in front of a Williamsburg building and refusing to leave until tenants paid up 

Mordechai Stern, 60, parked his red car in front of 161 Clymer St. to force tenants inside to pay him rent.

This is one way to collect rent.

A frustrated Hasidic man working for a Williamsburg landlord parked his car in front of a Clymer St. building and refused to leave until tenants paid up Wednesday.

Mordechai Stern, 60, came prepared with food and his morning prayer garb as he sat inside his red car by the two-story building on 161 Clymer St., witnesses said.

But he didn’t have to wait long. The delinquent tenants passed an envelope of money through a crack in his car window shortly after a crowd gathered outside.

It’s unclear how much rent was owed, but neighbors said Stern has a history of going to extremes.
“He’s a hot head,” one neighbor who declined to be identified told the Daily News on Tuesday.

A tenant working out of a first floor print shop added that Stern quickly cultivated an audience for his shenanigans.

“He got a little off track,” she said. “He was out of control.”

Stern did not return multiple calls seeking comment. Landlord Mordechi Fischer has owned the 94-year-old red brick building since 2004, property records show.

Situated next to a Satmar Synagogue, the building’s market value clocks in at $399,000, city records show. “It’s a whole misunderstanding,” Fisher told the Daily News on Monday before hanging up.

Stern — who runs a personal car service — is no stranger to debt. In 2005 he was slapped with a $371,400 IRS judgment, and two years later he was hit again — with a $107,489 state tax lien. It’s unclear if those debts have been paid up, or how the IRS has gone about collecting the money.


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