Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Alleged New Square sex abuse victim speaks to News 12 

The alleged victim at the center of an explosive sex abuse scandal rocking the Hasidic village of New Square stepped forward to speak to News 12.

Rabbi Moshe Taubenfeld is headed to court Tuesday on accusations he repeatedly molested a young boy.

The alleged victim, who calls himself Laiby, told News 12 he initially turned to Taubenfeld for guidance after the Sept. 11 attacks back when he was 9 years old.

Laiby claims that Taubenfeld, who is a father of 20, ordered him to pull down his pants and then touched him inappropriately. He says the unholy acts became ritualistic, as he eventually started going over to Tabuenfled's home almost daily.   

"He actually gave me $20 every time he touched me," he said.

After five years, Laiby said he got the courage to tell his family about the incidents, but when his mother confronted the head rabbis of New Square, they didn't believe her.

Laiby said he moved out of New Square when he was 16 because he couldn't take it anymore.

One night, after seeing the movie "Zero Dark Thirty," he said that if people could go after Osama bin Laden for justice, he would do the same for Taubenfeld.

He called police to report the abuse, and says threats immediately followed.   

"I feel proud, courageous,” says Laiby. “I know I am doing the right thing."

Taubenfeld is the brother of a convicted sex offender, the first in New Square history to get reported to the police.  Despite a taped confession, Hershel Taubenfeld avoided prison time and Laiby is fearful history will repeat itself.

Taubenfeld is facing 10 years behind bars.


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