Monday, July 28, 2014

Katz's Deli wins court fight to force Florida copycat to change its name 

The famed Katz’s Deli — home of the notorious “I’ll have what she’s having” scene in “When Harry Met Sally” — has won a court fight with a Florida knockoff.

Katz’s Deli of Deerfield Beach has agreed to change its name after getting slapped with a $1 million lawsuit by the real deal, the Daily News has learned.

The Houston Street stalwart sued the Johnny-come-lately in June, charging the copycat biz was harming its reputation and cashing in on its goodwill with customers.

The Florida Katz’s “sells the same Jewish foods as Katz’s Deli” and its “blatant efforts to appropriate plaintiff’s business’ goodwill, name and mark have resulted in plaintiff being associated with food products and restaurant services over which plaintiff has no control,” the suit says.

A Manhattan federal court judge signed off on a deal settling the food fight last week.

Under the terms of the settlement, Katz’s dropped its demand for money damages while the Florida restaurant agreed to change its moniker and refrain from using “any other name containing the Katz’s trademarks.”

The Deerfield Beach eatery’s owner, Charles Re, told the Daily News he’s changing the name to “Zack’s.”
“We think that should do it,” he said.


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