Monday, October 27, 2014

Rabbi’s aide posted sex abuse victim’s photo online under guise of Brooklyn man: lawsuit 

Lemon Juice, of Brooklyn, is suing another Hasidic man for allegedly pretending to be him on Twitter.

A Brooklyn man named Lemon Juice is taking a top aide of a powerful rabbi to court for impersonating him on Twitter.

Moses Klein, known as a driver and right-hand man for Zalman Teitelbaum, the grand rabbi of the Satmar sect's Williamsburg branch, is accused of posing as Juice to post on the Internet an image of a sex abuse victim on the witness stand.

"His actions were calculated and deliberate," contends a lawsuit set to be filed Monday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Juice, 32, and two other Hasidic men were charged with contempt during the November 2012 trial against Nechemya Weberman, who was ultimately convicted for molesting a teenage girl.

Juice had to post bail and show up to court 14 times until the case was dropped last spring. Charges against the others have also been dismissed after evidence from their phones was deemed inconclusive or suppressed.

The latest twist came after Twitter, responding to a court order, provided information about the purported Lemon Juice account that went under the handle @moshe718, said the plaintiff's lawyer Leopold Gross. It showed activity from a hospital where Klein was believed to volunteer.

Prosecutors looked into the alleged impersonation but "it was determined that we did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute," a district attorney spokeswoman said.

Klein could not be reached for comment.


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