Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Supreme Court judge rules against Orange Board of Elections 

A State Supreme Court justice declared arbitrary and capricious and annulled the decision of the Orange County Board of Elections that pulled six Monroe town residents who had been assigned as elections inspectors for the Village of Kiryas Joel primary elections. Justice Maria Rosa in Dutchess County Supreme Court ordered their reassignment as elections inspectors in a non-discriminatory manner for the November general election.

The county board said its decision was based on the language barrier between the elections inspectors and the Hasidic voters.

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Michael Sussman, said he would hope the board of elections will place the six people back in their election inspector locations.

“The first step is obviously going to be the board of elections advising these people where they are reassigned to and my hope and belief is the board of elections will follow this decision and reappoint these people to where they initially assigned since it provided no good reason for moving them from there and then not reappointing them,” Sussman said.

County Executive Steven Neuhaus said the judge’s decision supports the position of his office “that a set of countywide guidelines for election inspectors ought to be developed and implemented consistently” by the county board of elections before Election Day.

“The BOE’s documented failure to do so, including ignoring related advice from the county attorney’s office in June, has created a perception of unfairness among residents.”

Neuhaus reiterated that the county executive neither appoints nor confirms the commissioners. He is urging them to “recommit to a countywide policy for all elections inspectors in time for November 4.”


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