Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gotta have a long denim skirt 

The long denim skirt, a wardrobe staple for Orthodox Jewish girls and women, is apparently having a fashion moment. If Vogue says the look is in, then it must be so. According to the fashion bible’s denim editor (yes, it has an editor just for the fabric they make jeans out of) Kelly Connor, you can’t go wrong wearing what for many frum females is practically a daily uniform.

“There’s something about a denim maxi that’s vastly more intentional than throwing on your favorite pair of jeans,” Connor says. “But like with jeans, it always feels relevant—no matter what hemlines are the new big ‘thing’ on the runways, the denim maxi will always be your friend.” Of course, you can pick up a run-of-the-mill long denim skirt at any local boutique catering to women wanting to dress with tsnius, or modesty. (If you live in a heavily Orthodox community, then there is probably more than one near you.)

But if you are looking for something that takes the look to a whole other level—in terms of both sartorial style and price range—then you might want to consider a designer version. Junya Watanabe offers a patchwork denim midi skirt for $1,315. Or maybe you’d prefer Saint Laurent’s denim patchwork A-line maxi skirt for a mere $1,090.

So, if long denim skirts are so in right now, then why doesn’t the hottest Hasidic hipster fashion line carry them?

“Denim skirts are not part of our line because we feel like Jewish women already know where to get their jean skirts. There are so many options already, and were focusing on doing something new,” explains Mimi Hecht, co-founder of MIMU MAXI.

“Having said that, we have been getting more and more requests from customers who wear our Skirt Leggings asking us to make them in denim…I guess we’ll have to consider it if it’s in such high demand,” she says.

Mushky Notik, Hecht’s business and creative partner, is amused by how mainstream fashion has made a big deal of something that has been a staple of Orthodox women’s wardrobes for so long. “They’re all talking about it like it’s totally new. It’s almost comical to us Jewish women. But honestly there is no comparison. The mainstream fashion world sees the denim skirt as a ‘cool ugly’ new style; it’s very much not trendy, which of course is what makes it so trendy,” she says. “In the Jewish world it’s always simply been one of the best ways to be modest and match everything and be comfortable.”

Hecht and Notik, whose clothes are admired by women of all faiths who like to dress conservatively, don’t think women should necessarily start spending loads of money for haute couture denim skirts. They recommend women search vintage and Goodwill stores for classic designs if their are willing to venture beyond the local Jewish boutique. No matter the source of their long denim skirt, women wearing them will be right in fashion…at least this fall season.

“Seeing the jean skirt translated into mainstream fashion is oddly reassuring and inspiring,” says


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