Sunday, January 04, 2015

Esther, Moshe reach NYC top baby name list 

New York City's Health Department has released its annual breakdown of popular baby names. Besides the general top 10, there are also lists for different ethnicities: Among white babies, Esther was the third most popular girls' name, trailed by Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Chaya, Miriam, and Chana, all in the top 10.

Leah was seventh among all girls' names, regardless of ethnicity, up from number nine.

The most popular boys' names included Moshe at number four, alongside biblical names also common among non-Jews, like David, Joseph, Daniel, Benjamin, and Jacob.

Tablet Magazine suggested that the popularity of traditionally Jewish names was probably a result of the city's high concentration of ultra-Orthodox Jews, which tend to have high birthrates.

The report said 120,457 babies were born in New York City in 2013.


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