Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fury as Jewish leader is locked in Auschwitz overnight – then ARRESTED- on Holocaust Day 

Riccardo Pacifici was filming a segment for an Italian television station to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the camp's liberation, along with four other people, when they realised that he camp had closed and the guards who were meant to let them out had not arrived.

The group – Mr Pacifici and Italian journalist David Parenzo, two crew members, and another member of the Jewish community - spent hours trying to call for help in freezing temperatures but eventually managed to escape by climbing through a window.

In the process, however, they set off an alarm.

The five were then held at the camp for two hours before being taken to a police station.

They were not released until 6am when there was an intervention from the Italian foreign ministry.

Mr Pacifici tweeted: "We are being held by the Polish police inside Auschwitz.... A disgrace."

He later added: “We were not afraid but we were stunned by this farce, in which even the Polish police don’t know what to do."

He told Italian newspaper La Stampa: “For me, I have lost part of my family here. My grandparents died here. It was shocking."

Mr Pacifici said that the incident was an accident but that it also revealed issues with the security system at the camp.

The Polish embassy in Rome issued a statement saying: "With more than 50 delegations, including several kings, heads of state and heads of government" it was necessary "to dramatically enhance security measures".

It added: "We regret the situation, but law enforcement agencies can not afford to ignore any violation of the dignity of the place."


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