Friday, January 23, 2015

Town Of Ramapo Demands Removal Of Path Linking Two Homes 

A path through the wilderness has two suburban families in hot water.

As CBS2's Lou Young reported Thursday night, The town of Ramapo in Rockland County is now demanding the removal of a paved path that links their homes.

The asphalt path winds through the woods, traversing a stretch of parkland that is supposed to remain wild.

The shortcut between two backyards is certainly nothing new in suburbia. It's the unauthorized "improvement" of the path that has the town upset.

"There were trees that were removed, there were bushes that were removed, there were grass areas that were removed. Certainly the neighbors and the town don't think that's an improvement," Ramapo Town Attorney Michael Klein said.

At one end of the path, the home of Charles Zuckerman is currently unoccupied and under renovation, CBS2's Young reported. The connecting backyard belongs to Yosef and Gieta Metal, but no one there wanted to talk, Young reported.

"We really don't have any more information. Have a good day," they said over their front-door intercom.
The entire neighborhood knows about the path and it has its defenders.

"Everybody was happy, actually, that we could cross over and there is a whole other development there, and the kids play with the kids," one woman said.

"Live and let live — soesn't bother me at all," neighbor Steve Lazarus said.

"It would be nice to find a workable way to find a resolution to this, because it is helpful to our lifestyle," Yossi Garetz said.

The property owners at both ends of the shortcut have until the end of next month to respond to the lawsuit. The town estimates it will cost $50,000 to remove.

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