Sunday, April 05, 2015

Crown Heights Children’s Museum Strives to Keep Jewish History Alive 

There aren’t many Jewish children’s museums throughout the U.S., but the largest one in the country lies right here in Brooklyn, New York.

The Jewish Children’s Museum is for both children and parents alike, open to all religious and ethnic backgrounds, offering a rich and interactive experience to explore Jewish history and heritage.

With hands-on exhibits focusing on Jewish holidays, biblical history, the land of Israel, contemporary Jewish life and more, the Jewish Children’s Museum celebrates and explores many aspects of Jewish culture.

Through innovative multi-media technology, Jewish history, values and traditions come to life at the Museum, according to the Jewish Link.

One of the most fascinating sections would be on the third floor, titled “Exploring Jewish Life.” Children get the opportunity to operate a real kosher supermarket, stocking up on kosher products with scaled-down shopping carts, artificial food, working scales and scanners.

They can also climb through a giant Challah in the life size Shabbat room, create a “Get Well” card to be delivered to the children’s hospital and step back in time to explore the Jewish Holidays.

In the “Voyage through Jewish History”, young visitors can travel from Abraham and Sarah’s tent to the Kotel in Jerusalem and place a prayer in the wall. Activities along the way include giving water to Rebecca’ s camels, playing the strings on David’s harp (a high-tech version with beams of light that emit sounds when struck) and tracing the exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Torah through the Sinai Peninsula, Jewish Link.

The Jewish Children’s Museum is located at 792 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. Tickets can be purchased online at www.JCM.museum or by calling 718-907-8833. General Admission for adults and children ages 2+ is $13, Combo: Admission & Show is $15, and includes all activities.


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