Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Eleven NY Supreme Court Justices Needed to Replace Retired Supreme Court Justice David I Schmidt 

David I Schmidt picture

According to reports the NY Supreme Court settlement and pre-trial court parts, among others, formerly run by Supreme Court Justice David I Schmidt have now been divided among eleven other Supreme Court Justices in order to be able to cover such a large caseload. Judge Schmidt, also known as 'The Great Settler', handled hundreds of cases daily in the five court parts that he oversaw (more than any other judge ever). Over the years Judge Schmidt has settled thousands of cases using his own unique empathic and just settlement style. Judge Schmidt had for years single-handedly settled thousands of court cases in his court room, effectively keeping thousands of cases from unnecessarily costing parties and regular citizens thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense by going to trial and thus helping to keep clear the busy court calendars for cases that needed a trial for resolution.

Judge Schmidt is now taking on cases for arbitration and can be contacted by clicking here.

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