Sunday, June 28, 2015

Medieval Biblical scroll shown in Billings 

A piece of Biblical history possibly dating back before Columbus discovered America was be seen in Billings on Friday and Saturday.

The Lodz Torah contains five books from the Old Testament, Genesis through Deuteronomy.

Christian Apologist Josh McDowell obtained the Medieval Hebrew manuscript in Poland.

He talked about the precision in writing more than 300-thousand letters on 36 pages of calf skin, covering 72 feet.

A Rabbi certified the accuracy so it could be read by an impoverished Jewish community around 1450.

McDowell said he originally studied artifacts to write against Christianity.

"I concluded I'd been wrong," McDowell said. "They're true. They're accurate and I prayed that some day, can I have artifacts like these that I can help others bridge their faith in history to the way they live today."

McDowell is from Texas and spoke at the Big Sky World View Forum held at Faith E.


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