Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Homeowner: Water coming out of faucet is dirty 

A homeowner in a Highland Mills development says she has been dealing with dirty tap water for more than a year.
Joanne Brown, a homeowner in the County Crossing complex, says the problem started when the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel took over their private well in Highland Mills.
Brown says the water provider, Woodbury Heights Estates Water Company, has tried several fixes. She says the ongoing problem has ruined her clothes, stained toilets and made her uncomfortable to drink the water.
She says repairs to the pump were made Friday, and that the water is clear so far.
News 12's calls to the well operator went unanswered Monday. The Orange County Health Department says it is aware of the complaints and will retest the water.
A representative for Kiryas Joel says the village is looking into the cause of the water discoloration. They say that in the meantime, complaints can be addressed to the service company listed on customers' bills.

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