Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nordstrom Pulls Hannukah Sweater Seen as Spreading Jewish Stereotypes 

Nordstrom became the latest retailer to land in hot water with customers over a piece of clothing intended to be humorous but instead offended some shoppers.

The upscale department store stopped selling Faux Real’s ‘Chai Maintenance’ Hanukkah sweater last week after angering some customers who saw it as playing on clichés about Jewish women and promptly took to Facebook to complain. ‘Chai’ in Hebrew means life and sounds very much like the English word “high.” The sweater, as seen below, also included the term “JAP,” short for “Jewish American Princess.”

“I’m disappointed to see that Nordstrom is selling such an offensive item that perpetuates negative stereotypes of Jewish women,” one user wrote on Nordstrom’s Facebook page. Many other posts echoed those sentiments.


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