Monday, November 09, 2015

Town residents to vote on expansion of Hasidic village 

Residents of an Orange County town are voting on the expansion of a Hasidic Jewish village after a state judge cleared the way for the referendum.
Monday's vote in the Town of Monroe would consummate the annexation that Kiryas Joel and Monroe officials approved in September.
A state judge in White Plains last week dismissed lawsuits seeking to stop the referendum. The lawsuits were filed by the nonprofit group Preserve the Hudson Valley and by a coalition of municipalities and Orange County government.
The referendum involves about 85 residents of the 164-acre area of Monroe that would become part of Kiryas Joel.
Leaders of the densely settled enclave of ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews say the village of 22,000 is bursting at the seams. Opponents of the annexation fear increased congestion from more apartment buildings.

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