Friday, November 20, 2015

When Your New Phone Number Belonged to a Hasidic Hairdresser Named Zelda 

So! Brooklyn Heights resident, Yahoo News national correspondent and prominent neighborhood podcaster Alyssa Bereznak got a new work phone earlier this November with a 646 area code.
Pretty standard stuff. That is, until the phone number started being haunted by clients of its former owner — apparently a Hasidic hairdresser named Zelda, presumably a resident of Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn and clearly a woman with a knack for her craft.
Bereznak's phone has been visited, so far, by four of Zelda's clients, two of whom have Brooklyn area codes.

Courtesy of the phone's new owner, a peek into the world of a Hasidic hairdresser named Zelda. (The proud mother, we learn, of a newborn "tzaddikle.")

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