Thursday, February 18, 2016

Haredi school in London teaches that women exist to 'clean and cook' 

An ultra-orthodox school in London has been censured by British educational authorities for teaching it's students that a woman's role is to "look after children, clean the house and cook," according to The Independent.

Stamford's Hill's Beis Aharon School is only the latest is a long string of controversies and comes hot on the heels of last month's closure order against the Talmud Torah Tashbar school in north London by the Department of Education for encouraging "cultural and ethnic insularity because it is so narrow and almost exclusively rooted in the study of the Torah." The soon to be closed school operated illegally for 40 years and did not teach children English.

In the case of Beis Aharon, Britain's Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted) issued a report asserting that the school's pupils "universally consider that the role of women is to 'look after children, clean the house and cook', while men 'go to work'" and that they received only one hour of secular instruction daily.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the school had previously failed to implement improvements in its secular education ordered by authorities, with Ofsted panning the school's lack of instruction in English, technology and health education.

Last September, the Beis Rochel boys' school in north London also came under fire after the Independent obtained a copy of a worksheet distributed to students that taught that non-Jews ("goyim") are evil.

According to the report, the students are taught that those who perpetrated the Holocaust were "goyim," making no distinction between non-Jews and Nazis.

"What have the evil goyim (non-Jews) done with the synagogues and cheders [Jewish primary schools]?" the worksheet reads. "Burned them" is the correct answer.

"What did the goyim want to do with all the Jews?" read another question. The answer was "Kill them."

In June, the leadership of the Belz hasidic sect backtracked on plans to expel pupils if they were driven to school by their mothers, after a strong warning Education Secretary Nicky Morgan that it was "completely unacceptable" and her instigation of an inquiry into the controversial policy.

In 2014 the haredi school system and the educational establishment clashed after Ofsted said that it may shut down schools "indoctrinating pupils about gay people," according to the Daily Mail.

Late last year New York's Department of Education announced that it would begin investigating its own haredi school system following allegations by a local advocacy group that the institutions in question had failed to implement the full state-mandated educational curriculum.

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