Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Heroic Hasidic Pilot Who Landed Plane in N.J. Honored by Ramapo Police Chief 

A hasidic pilot who landed a plane at a New Jersey field without injuring any people on the ground five months ago was honored Wednesday morning by Ramapo's newly promoted police chief.

The plane crash took place in early September when Yakov Yosef Rosenberg, who is in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, was with another volunteer in taking a survey of the Hudson River. The Coast Guard plane suddenly started experiencing technical problems, and Rosenberg landed the plane at Regan Field in Bergen County.

The field was full of children playing and Rosenberg intentionally crashed into trees to avoid hitting the kids, Rosenberg said in an interview with WABC-TV. " If I would have killed any kid I couldn't have live the rest of my life," he said.
Rosenberg was seriously injured and was in hospital for weeks undergoing several surgeries. Now he is finally back home and continues to recover.

Ramapo police chief Brad Weidel has known Rosenberg for years and said there is no better person to honor than Rosenberg "He was ready to kill himself and not to injure any one person," Weidel said.

Attending the honoring were Monsey Chavirim members.

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