Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Residents: Hasidic investors try to buy S. Blooming Grove homes 

Residents in South Blooming Grove tell News 12 that they are solicited daily with cash offers to sell their homes to Hasidic investors from Kiryas Joel.
"It's almost like they're sending a message like...if you stay here, you're going to lose money. So, you should take it and run now," says Donna McGoldrick.
The area borders Kiryas Joel, where controversial expansion plans are on hold because of a lawsuit.
As a result, growing Hasidic families are moving out.
Joel Saal, who is Hasidic, says the house he purchased in South Blooming Grove was listed for sale, but that he's not welcomed among neighbors.
"They are harassing. Actually somebody came after me and said I'm going to put a bullet in your head. We don't want you here," he says.
South Blooming Grove residents say anyone can live in their community as long as they abide by the laws and follow village codes.
Kiryas Joel Administator Gedalye Szegedin addressed the community tensions in an email to local officials Monday, calling it a "messy overflow" that could be avoided if the annexation were to go through.
Activists have called the response a scare tactic in an ongoing turf war.
Blooming Grove officials wouldn't comment on the controversy, but a public meeting is being held Wednesday to discuss proposed changes to the town's election process.

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