Friday, July 22, 2016

Borough Park Hikind Paves Way For Youngest District Leader Candidate In Brooklyn’s History 


Boro Park Assemblyman Dov Hikind is handing off his current Democratic 48th Assembly District leadership position to political upstart David Schwartz, KCP has learned.

If elected in the upcoming Sept. 13 Democratic primary, Schwartz, 22, will become both the borough's youngest Democratic District leader ever and Brooklyn's first Hasidic Democratic district leader.

"I'm very honored for the opportunity to run for the position of District Leader in the 48th Assembly District. I intend to work hard and encourage everyone in the community–young and old–to get involved in the political process, where everyone can make a difference," said Schwartz.

"With God's help I look forward to working with all of the local elected officials and County leader Frank Seddio for the benefit of the Community. I'm humbled that Assemblyman Hikind has given me the opportunity to run," he added.

Hikind said while he has enjoyed the unpaid role as district leader, whose responsibilities includes vetting potential judges, helping officials get on the election ballot and ensuring elections in the district go smoothly, he has been thinking about stepping down from the position for some time.

"While I enjoyed the opportunity to do some of the things district leaders do, I realized after 34 years in elected office, I'm busier than ever and I  just decided to give all my time to that," said Hikind.

"David is a remarkable young man. He's out there in the community, he just got married and he's the salt of the earth type. He's the future. People like him. He's out there and very involved. He cares about things, and whatever he believes in he fights for. He's also the first Hasidic guy as a Democratic District leader in Brooklyn and maybe the entire city as well."

Hikind said he reached out to several people in the community about his plans, and all were very supportive of both his plans to step down from the district leadership position and picking Schwartz as his replacement.

Schwartz, originally from Williamsburg, moved into Borough Park recently after getting married. He currently works as a communications assistant in Hikind's office, but is well-known and liked in progressive Williamsburg circles as well.

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