Monday, August 15, 2016

No abuse found at Parc Ave. Hasidic school, investigation finds 

An investigation by Youth Protection Services into Vizhnitz Hasidic school on Parc Avenue and Beaubien has uncovered no evidence of abuse among the children.

A director on the religious school's board, Hershber Hirsch says the raids deepened mistrust between the students family's and their neighbours.

"Being accused in particular of lack of education... they were suspecting emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, it was very hurtful for the community."

An anonymous tip concerning child abuse in the school was followed up by a police raid on the school, with multiple officers and social workers locking down the classrooms, and conducting interviews amongst the children.

"They came in it seemed like a terror attack," said Hirsch. "The kids were terrified."

The raids did not evaluate the quality of education the children get at Vizhnitz as it isn't registered as a school within the Quebec education system.

Hirsch says though the children attend the school during the day, their parents are expected to register with a Montreal school board for home-schooling to keep their children up to date with the obligatory Quebec curriculum.

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