Monday, September 19, 2016

Photo finish! Brooklyn images face off against outer boroughs 

Kings County is shooting for a win!

Images of Brooklyn will go shot-for-shot against snaps of the rest of the city in the "Battle of the Boroughs" photo competition on Sept. 21, which launches the annual Photoville exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The picturesque streets of the Borough of Kings will give it an edge in the flashy competition, said the head of Brooklyn's team of photographers.

"I'd like to think that Brooklyn is going to win," said Elizabeth Renstrom, a Bushwick resident who curated Kings County's collection, which includes images from six photographers. "There's a blend of photos that ooze the neighborhoods, and also more surprising pictures where you might not be able to place which section of Brooklyn they're in."

There is no trophy for the face-off — which is a competition in name only — but Renstrom's pic picks are sure to blow the other boroughs away. The photos represent the diversity found in the County of Kings, said Renstrom. A collection of snaps from Aviva Klein showcases Hasidic women living in Sheepshead Bay, while Daniel Arnold's photos — which were processed by a 50-year-old photo store — focus on Greenpoint. And Meryl Meiser's old-school shots of Bushwick during the disco era really show how the area has developed, said Renstrom.

"The area is really popular to live in now and it's cool to see how the landscape has changed from then to now," she said.

Renstrom thinks that Staten Island may provide the stiffest competition, because its bucolic suburban landscape offers some eye-pleasing visuals. And she is most curious to see shots from the Bronx, an exotic land rarely seen in this borough.

A representative from each borough will project their photos onto a giant screen in Photoville's beer garden on Sept. 21, while a disc jockey spins New York-centric tunes.

The competition will kick off the five-day Photoville festival, which will host 60 snapshot exhibits inside of 55 shipping containers beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. The pop-up fest will also feature nightly film and photo projections, outdoor installations, and workshops. Its organizer said that the old fashioned competition will provide a light-hearted way to exhibit some top notch photography — and that the borough that houses the show will come out on top.

"It's a fun, playful way to expose more photography," said Sam Barzilay, a Manhattan resident who used to live in Flatbush. "I'm obviously rooting for Brooklyn."

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