Thursday, November 17, 2016

Amo calls on Orange County and KJ leaders to open dialogue 

Orange County Legislator Michael Amo, who represents the Village of Kiryas Joel, Wednesday, called for the county and leaders of the Hasidic community to stop fighting in court. Instead, he said both should sit down and seek common ground.

At issue is the village's desire to create more room for population growth. Proposals have included annexing 164 acres and 504 acres, and then there is the proposal to create a new Town of North Monroe with 388 acres of land from the Town of Monroe.

Without any of those proposals, Amo said housing needs will go beyond the village borders as they are already.

"Kiryas Joel residents are moving in and buying property in South Blooming Grove," he said. "A developer from Brooklyn has purchased the Woodbury Junction in the Town of Woodbury for something like 330 lots, which he plans to market to the orthodox community."

Amos said Kiryas Joel has been in existence since the mid-1970s "and is not going away." The growth in the village "is real. We all see the cultural clashes escalating daily. We must do something," he said.

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