Monday, November 21, 2016

Haredim criticize Hamodia conference 

During Israeli newspaper Hamodia directors' conference on Monday morning, there was a good deal of internal criticism voiced.

Haim Epstein, vice-mayor of Jerusalem and a representative of Rabbi Auerbach's stringent Yerushalmi faction, told Kol Hai Radio on Monday morning that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech regarding the integration of haredim into the employment world was an instance of "blurred boundaries."

"When the Israeli Prime Minister is invited to a conference of a conservative paper, and speaks about integrating haredim into the rest of Israeli society and into the workforce, it hurts. It shows how the boundaries have blurred, how there are no clear lines," Epstein said.

Netanyahu spoke on Sunday at an economic and business conference held by Hamodia in Airport City about the haredi parties' place in the coalition, saying they were "true partners."

"We work together as true partners," said Netanyahu, explaining, "We're not brothers who share the same fate, we're brothers by choice. It's true love."

He also said, "Many haredim are now entering the workforce, working in hi-tech, law, and doing outstanding work. Not by force, not with threats, but by calmly and with a lot of goodwill."

Hamodia is a haredi-hasidic newspaper, appearing in both Hebrew and English, Israel and abroad.

Hamodia recently attacked Mishpacha, another haredi publication, for publishing a picture of Hillary Clinton on the front cover.


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