Friday, February 24, 2017

KJ outgrowth expands 

A new 20-page real estate brochure distributed widely within the Village of Kiryas Joel and other Hasidic enclaves in New York offers a primer on buying property and obtaining mortgages.

The publication, Der Bayis, also details single-family retails in the Village of South Blooming Grove and homes for purchase in Woodbury.

The brochure, mostly in Yiddish but with half a dozen pages in English, is the latest evidence of what Kiryas Joel Administrator Gedalye Szegedin has called "the KJ outgrowth." That describes as the growing need for housing for Kiryas Joel families, who are looking to nearby communities in Blooming Grove, Monroe and Woodbury instead of waiting for housing being built in Kiryas Joel itself and that is planned in the 164-acre annexation area.

The Photo News had the brouchure translated by a person with no connection to Kiryas Joel. This was the same translator who the newspaper hired last year for publications that also address growth within the community.

The KJ outgrowth
Monroe Town Supervisor Harley E. Doles estimates that the town's population is 50,000, including 30,000 Hasidic residents. Kiryas Joel officials have said it's population will double within a generation. 

There are building moratoriums in Monroe and in neighboring communities. In Monroe, there are five developments on hold. 

Just this week, the Times Herald-Record reported that Kiryas Joel will begin rezoning the 164-acres annexed from the Town of Monroe. The decision allowing the village to do that is still being appealed by a consortium of neighboring communities as well as the non-profit Preserve Hudson Valley. 

Into this mix is a petition from more than 500 residents living in the section of Monroe north of Route 17 who have asked Orange County to allow it to secede from the Town of Monroe and create a new entity - the Town of North Monroe.

"North Monroe should be designed as a global settlement of all land and bloc-vote disputes in this area of the county," Szegedin said in an email exchange with The Photo News earlier this month. "All bloc-voting communities should be melted into one Town of North Monroe, and be forever eliminated from having any political impact on Monroe or Woodbury and MWSD." 

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