Saturday, March 25, 2017

British Chickens Keep Kosher For Passover 

You are what you eat. But if you’re lucky, that chicken you pick up for Passover dinner won’t have any chametz in it. According to the London Board of Shechita, a group that oversees kosher slaughter in Britain, poultry that is sold for consumption during the holiday has been fed a non-grain diet in the weeks leading up to its killing and preparation.

“All poultry sourced for Pesach has to be fed on a non-wheat feed diet,” a spokesman for the LBS told Jewish News in Britain. “This is not a new thing – in fact, it’s been around for thousands of years. All shechita boards have the same instruction in place and that’s what the Kosher for Passover label specifically means.” It was unclear whether that rule applied to American kosher outfits as well.

The birds are on sale on Amazon, and if you’re in the mood to fly to London, some supermarkets in the capital.


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