Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The "Beware of Jews" sign might be a joke, but it just isn't funny 

An anti-semitic "Beware of Jews" road sign which has been reported to police after appearing on a lamppost in a London neighbourhood popular with orthodox Jews

Veteran comedian Jackie Mason once observed that one of the reasons anti-Semitism continues to flourish is because no one is frightened of the Jews. Or as the New York funny man put it: "nobody ever crossed the street to avoid a group of Jewish accountants". So, I'm a little baffled as to what those responsible for putting up a sign on a lamppost in Stamford Hill, warning about the presence of Jews, were actually warning against.

It could of course, as has now been suggested, been a huge "joke".

After all, this area of north London is known for its Hasidic community and has the largest concentration of Haredi Jews in Europe (estimated to be around 30,000).

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