Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jewish Developer’s Pal Pleads Guilty In Bloomingburg Voter Fraud Case 

One of three men indicted in a vote fraud scam in the upstate New York village of Bloomingburg pled guilty in federal court on Thursday.

Kenneth Nakdimen faces a maximum jail term of five years for his role in signing up ineligible voters to participate in village elections in Bloomingburg in order to smooth the way for a real estate development meant for the Satmar Hasidic community.

Nakdimen was one of three men indicted in the vote fraud scam in December. Shalom Lamm, who lead the development project, also faces charges; he has not pled guilty.

The charges came after years of conflict in Bloomingburg over the controversial project. In the weeks before the arrest of Nakdimen and his colleagues, the Satmar community appeared to have won the long fight. The charges threw that into question. But in the months since the arrests, the Hasidic community in Bloomingburg has continued to grow, with a new school for Satmar boys opening in April.


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