Monday, July 17, 2017

How synagogue security volunteers tackled knifeman 

New details have emerged of the incident on Shabbat in which synagogue security volunteers tackled a man brandishing knives.

The man had been spotted running towards the Toras Chaim Synagogue, Hendon, north-west London, at 11.15am on Saturday wielding two knives.

As he neared the synagogue the shul's own security guard and a volunteer from the Community Security Trust (CST) blocked the entrance. Congregants who had been outside the synagogue at the time rushed back into the building.

At no point did the man, who was not wearing shoes or a shirt, attempt to enter the synagogue.

Four CST Shabbat patrol volunteers, alerted to the situation, chased after the man as he ran inside a launderette in nearby Bell Lane. Seeing the launderette was empty, the volunteers held the door closed from the outside and spoke to the man, and the police were called.

He was then detained by police under the Mental Health Act. It is not believed the incident was related to terrorism or antisemitism.

Police confirmed there were no injuries.

CST said: "We deeply thank the CST security volunteers who immediately intervened, courageously helping ensure that nobody was hurt."

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