Friday, July 28, 2017

One Woman’s Surprising DNA Discovery 

Alice Collins Plebuch, raised in a proud Irish Catholic family, sent away for a "just-for-fun DNA test" — but the results changed her life. She found out that somewhere in her family, she had Jewish roots.

Plebuch told the Washington Post about her surprising journey of self-discovery in a recent story.

Plebuch, now 69, was bewildered by the results of the test. "I really lost all my identity," Plebuch said. "I felt adrift. I didn't know who I was — you know, who I really was."

After much searching, she ultimately discovered that her father was Jewish — and was not genetically related to his parents.

Through much sleuth work, and some luck, she got to the root of the issue: a baby mix-up at the Bronx hospital where her father was born, back in 1913.

"Somehow, a Jewish child had gone home with an Irish family, and an Irish child had gone home with a Jewish family," the Post reported. "This was a mistake that no one had ever detected, a mistake that could only have been uncovered with DNA technology."

Wow! Pretty mind blowing article. A what if scenario... I wonder what would the halachic ramification be for the family's jewish status be? I know that in this case there is little issue as the boys were switched. (This means that in the Jewish family the descendants are all halachically jewish and in the gentile one are still halachicaly gentile.) But what if a girl were switched?

Who knows??


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