Tuesday, August 08, 2017


A couple of ex-hasidic jews, Yohanon Lowen and Clara Wasserstein, who sued the government of Quebec because it is thought to have been abandoned in schools illegal from Boisbriand, has won a first victory in front of the court, learned VAT News.

Their request could be heard by the court and their case will go forward, ruled the tribunal, which has dismissed recently the request of the attorney general of Quebec that wanted to cancel the procedure.

“The government has tried to reject, at the preliminary stage, our motion for declaratory judgment. However, the superior Court instead denied the request of the attorney general of Quebec. This is a first victory for us. The court comes to say that our clients have a clear interest to submit the application and that it is a serious issue which deserves to be decided by the courts”, has explained to Me Clara Poissant-Lespérance.

“They come to ask the government to stop doing nothing in the folder of the schools illegal and they want a decision in this sense. This couple, former members of the hasidic jewish community of Boisbriand, has no diplomas of elementary and secondary education. They felt abandoned by the government which tolerates these schools illegal,” says their lawyer.


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