Saturday, December 08, 2018

Jewish tradition becomes local tradition after 8 years of latkes at the Crystal Café 

The Crystal Café on Market Street in Parkersburg was filled Saturday morning with customers looking to get their annual taste of latkes, a Jewish tradition.

The food is described as a potato pancake made with potatoes, onions, and egg.

Doug Kreinik, the main chef for the event, says that greasy foods like latkes are a tradition around Hanukkah. Krenik has cooked latkes at the Crystal Café every year for the last 8 years to bring a different taste to the community.

“It brings diversity to the community. I love ethnic food and it’s one day when I can bring a little bit of ethnic food to the community and I love it,” says Kreinik.

The money raised from the event this year is benefiting the Avery Street Historical District in Downtown Parkersburg.


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