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Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn's secret link to the tormentor of pregnant Jewish MP Luciana Berger 

The anti-Semitism storm engulfing Jeremy Corbyn deepened last night after the Labour leader was linked to the official at the centre of allegations about the racist bullying of a pregnant Jewish MP.

Luciana Berger – who has been dubbed a ‘dirty little Zionist rat’ by pro-Corbyn activists – is thought to be so disgusted by Labour anti-Semitism she is on the brink of leaving to form a breakaway party.

Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal previously undisclosed links between Mr Corbyn and Alex Scott-Samuel, who has led the drive to force out Ms Berger.

Dr Scott-Samuel even met the Labour leader to discuss what he considered the ‘victimisation’ of anti-Zionist Corbynistas like himself.

This newspaper today also publishes more devastating extracts from Tom Bower’s bombshell biography of Corbyn, detailing the full extent of the anti-Semitism scandal on his watch.

Revelations that will further rock the Labour leadership include:

Bower’s account of how Mr Corbyn’s anti-Zionism has its roots in his first job as a union official, where he came to believe in the ‘malign collective power of Jews’;

Bower’s exposé of the mood of ‘flippant disdain’ among Mr Corbyn’s staff before a summit with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, who protested that the Labour leader associated with people who were ‘blatantly racist’;

How Mr Corbyn’s own constituency chairwoman dismissed the anti-Semitism scandal as ‘baseless smears’ which have been ‘orchestrated’ by Israeli ‘fifth columnists’;

An admission by Labour MP John Mann that ‘Jew-haters are among us and the lack of action is undoubtedly emboldening them’.

Meanwhile, the Government has provocatively tabled a Commons debate for Wednesday on ‘anti-Semitism in modern society’ designed to embarrass the Opposition front bench.

Earlier this month Ms Berger, who is due to give birth in under a fortnight, fought off a constituency motion of no confidence following an outcry by moderate MPs.

It had been approved by Dr Scott-Samuel, chairman of her Liverpool Wavertree constituency party, on the grounds that her campaign against anti-Semitism amounted to ‘disloyalty’ to Mr Corbyn.

She has since endured vitriolic ‘trolling’ on local party websites, being called an ‘Israeli attack dog’, a ‘dirty little Zionist rat’ and worse.

Dr Scott-Samuel met Mr Corbyn in 2016 over what he claimed was the ‘victimisation’ of anti-Zionists’ in the party, saying as much on Twitter.

He was also given a centre-stage position as Mr Corbyn took to the stage at last year’s Labour Party Conference in Liverpool – during which Ms Berger needed an armed guard to protect her against militant Corbynistas.

Mr Corbyn was photographed warmly greeting Dr Scott-Samuel as he stepped on to the podium.

A friend of Ms Berger’s said: ‘Luciana could justifiably fear that the entire party apparatus from London to Liverpool is sinisterly acting in concert to prevent her stamping out this cancer. It would be bad enough at any time, let alone when she is about to give birth’.

Ms Berger issued a statement this weekend which appeared to put Mr Corbyn on a final warning to sort out the anti-Semitism problem – or face a split in his party.

She said: ‘I have been deeply disturbed by the lack of response from the leadership to the anti-Semitism that stains our Party. I and my colleagues have been calling on the leadership for months to put in place proper measures to tackle this issue.

‘The sad, frustrating, deeply disappointing fact is that I do not believe the leadership is properly dealing with anti-Semitism. I believe we have a serious problem. I will not be a bystander to anti-Semitism.

'I will continue, unapologetically and with the support of the vast majority, to call out anti-Semitism wherever it rears its ugly head’.

This week’s extracts from Mr Bower’s book, Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot For Power, trace Mr Corbyn’s anti-Zionist beliefs to his first job as a researcher for the National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers.

The author says that Mr Corbyn’s campaigns on behalf of low-paid workers against ‘exploitative Jewish employers’ convinced him of ‘the malign collective power of Jews’.

Mr Bower adds: ‘The truth is that Corbyn’s antagonism towards Zionism is one of the most consistent – and toxic – lines of his career. To him, Jews aren’t victims of racism and oppression but rather racist oppressors themselves.

‘For years, he’d noisily voice his outrage at the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza... never drawing a distinction between the terms Jew and Zionist which were interchangeable to many on the Left.’

The author also describes the mood of ‘flippant disdain’ in Mr Corbyn’s office before a crisis summit with the Board of Deputies of British Jews over anti-Semitism, and the complaint from Jonathan Arkush, its president, that Mr Corbyn associated with people who were ‘blatantly racist’.

The Mail on Sunday has also established that Corbyn’s own constituency chair has been spreading material condemning ‘the Israel lobby’ for its ‘undue influence on British politics’.

Alison McGarry claims that the ‘baseless smears’ of the anti-Semitism scandal have been ‘orchestrated’ by the Israel’s UK Embassy, and has called for ambassador Mark Regev to be removed, claiming he is a ‘hardcore Zionist’.

Ms McGarry has also campaigned against the expulsion of Labour member Jackie Walker, who is awaiting a judgment for saying that Jews were the ‘chief financiers of the slave trade’.

Ms McGarry has shared a number of petitions on the issue, including one last year which said that the ‘baseless smears and slurs against Jeremy Corbyn have been relentlessly orchestrated by the Israeli Embassy and the Labour Friends of Israel’ and described Israel supporters as a ‘dangerous fifth column’.

The Commons debate on anti-Semitism has been timed by the Government to coincide with a resurgence of anger among Labour MPs over the party’s failure to crack down on the problem.

Basetlaw MP John Mann, a leading campaigner against anti-Semitism, told this newspaper: ‘We expect Labour members to be above reproach when it comes to racist discrimination and abuse. [But] it’s fairly clear that Jew-haters are among us and the lack of action is undoubtedly emboldening them.

‘The sooner we make our members clear that anti-Semitism is not and will never be tolerated, the sooner we can start becoming the antidote to anti-Semitism on the Left, rather than the culture from which it can grow.’

Jonathan Goldstein, chair of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: ‘Labour’s leadership is now increasingly seen to hold views at odds with British values’.

Ms Berger refused to comment last night on Mr Corbyn’s meetings with Dr Scott-Samuel, who has made regular appearances on the Richie Allen Show, an online current affairs show aired on conspiracy theorist David Icke’s website.

There he has aired his controversial views – including blaming the 9/11 terror attacks on the UK, America and Israel and saying the wealthy Jewish Rothschild family were ‘behind a lot of the neo-liberal influence’ in the UK.

Dr Scott-Samuel has defended his decision to approve a no-confidence motion against Ms Berger on the grounds that he is ‘himself Jewish’ adding that any suggestion the local party executive is ‘party to bullying and anti-Semitism is a slanderous accusation’.

Last night he said: ‘I’m hurt and offended by the allegations in the media that I am anti-Semitic or a conspiracy theorist.’

Labour said: ‘We take all complaints of anti-Semitism extremely seriously and we are committed to challenging and campaigning against it in all its forms. All complaints about anti-Semitism are fully investigated and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken’.


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